Corporate & Social Responsibility

To us, corporate & social responsibility defines how we manage our business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

We believe corporate responsibility means being a good corporate citizen and describes business behaviours, designed not only to deliver commercial objectives and meet legal requirements, but also have a positive social impact on our community and those communities of our customers and suppliers.

It is our desire to run a business responsibly and align our strategy with CR goals so as to have a significant and positive impact both on the business itself and the communities in which the business operates.


The prosperity of our business and of the communities within which we operate requires a commitment to the sustainable management of our activities. We have therefore developed a number of policies that affect and enhance all areas of our business, specifically:

  • Our Corporate Values;
  • Our Anti Bribery Policy;
  • Our Modern Slavery Statement;
  • Our Health & Safety Policy;
  • Our Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • Our Dignity at Work Policy;
  • Our Data Protection Policy; and
  • The due diligence framework used to assess and monitor suppliers and the service providers that we promote to our customers.

Our Customers

We aim to build long term relationships with all our customers and other stakeholders by understanding their objectives as they evolve over time and meeting their needs. We aim to give fair value, consistent quality and reliability. We aim to have the highest professional and ethical standards and will be honest, open and transparent in all our dealings with customers.

Our Suppliers

We aim to create and maintain strong relationships with key suppliers and contractors. We aim to choose suppliers that share our ethos in relation to employment practices, quality and environmental controls. This will be communicated to all suppliers and potential suppliers.

Our Service Providers

We aim to create and maintain strong relationships with key service providers. We aim to choose providers who share our ethos in relation to employment practices, quality and environmental controls. This will be communicated to all providers and potential providers.

Our Health and Safety

We aim to achieve and maintain the highest standards of health and safety and provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of our activities. We have a current and effective written health and safety policy that is regularly reviewed and updated.

Our Environment

We have implemented an environmental policy appropriate to our business. We are aware of our environmental impact as a business and have taken and continue to take appropriate steps to mitigate that impact, including setting environmental objectives and targets, implementing procedures and providing training so employees and contractors understand their environmental responsibilities and can seek to improve our environmental performance.

Our Community

We recognise and understand the significance of the local community within which we operate. We aim to enhance our contribution to the community by being sensitive to the needs of local people and groups and promoting ethical and socially responsible trading.

Community and Charities

Broxbourne Borough Cerebral Palsy Football ClubKLT supports many charities and continues to do so, however, one charity is extremely close to Robert Taylor’s heart and that is Broxbourne Borough Cerebral Palsy Football Club (BBCPFC).

Robert Taylor’s young friend Jackson has Cerebral Palsy. Jackson was desperate to play with his friends but was unable to keep up with them. His parents looked online to try and find somewhere for him to play but found there was nothing available in or around the Hertfordshire area. With the support of friends and CP Sport they arranged a kick start event in April 2015. This was such a success, and they were able to continue training on a weekly basis and became a Cerebral Palsy Football Club allowing children of all ages to participate in a sport they otherwise would not be able to. This has gone from strength to strength and now has 30 children both framed and ambulant where children can enjoy sport and build friendships. Now in existence for over 5 years they were granted charity status in June 2017.

They are extremely passionate and want to be able to give any child with this condition the opportunity to get involved with a sport they love, and to improve their mobility, things that we sometimes take for granted. Living with Cerebral Palsy can be hard, not only for the child but also their siblings and parents. They have created a new family and lasting friendships and want to grow to support future children with this condition.

Robert Taylor has supported Broxbourne Borough Cerebral Palsy FC over the years and kindly donates football kits to the charity. The charity’s plan for physiotherapy facilities and a hydrotherapy pool have been temporarily placed on hold due to COVID-19.

BBCPFC are relying on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support and KLT would be extremely grateful if you would be able to contribute and make a real difference, allowing them to continue their work.
There are several ways to do this, either Virgin Money Giving, BACS or through their website

KLT and Robert Taylor give thanks to any support that can be provided and please remember that every donation makes a difference.

Other Charities We Support