Where there are challenges, we find solutions

Above all, we’re problem solvers. We strive to do things – everything – smarter, better and safer at KLT. We design our projects to elevate the quality benchmark, while lowering cost profiles, so we can pass on those savings to our clients.

To some extent, all utility contractor firms are on a countdown to reinvention. The energy industry is changing; technology is changing. We invest in innovation to expand what is technically possible, because we see no future for the over-engineered and reactive solutions of the past.

For your benefit and ours, we invest in the latest techniques or pioneering new ones. We always find a way to accomplish the goal, no matter how challenging it is or what obstacles we face.

Examples of our innovative approach:

  • Pioneering pipe technology
  • Ultra-low risk vacuum excavation
  • GPR data tracing
  • Non-disruptive trenchless installation
  • Hot compressed air lances
  • Combined dust/eye protection
  • Best-in-class hi-spec Personal Protective Equipment
  • Low-emission construction vehicles
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Market-leading re-use and recycling solutions


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