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Shaping KLT’s future with new cloud-based business systems, a mobile platform for our field force and our own data warehouse

Whilst 2020 was a difficult year for many businesses, KLT spent time deploying the business system strategy the leadership team had developed at the end of 2019.  This meant the implementation of new core systems for HR, Plant & Vehicles and updates to the Finance system.

We also continued to deploy our mobile data capture system, replacing traditional paperwork for health and safety and quality processes with a digital alternative.  This supports our environmental objectives to significantly reduce paper consumption and waste across the business. The mobile platform is used to keep our workforce up to date by digitally distributing technical manuals, briefings, policies and procedures too.

As a consequence, KLT now generates a lot of very useful data, which helps us understand how our business is performing and where we need to expend time and energy to improve it further.

To organise all our data in one place, KLT has built a cloud-based data warehouse, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Data is continuously passed into the database from all our systems and data sources.  It is from this warehouse that we run our reports and analysis, using a database interrogation tool called Power BI.

This reporting approach has several advantages, including standardisation of all report formats across a range of different processes: from Operational, Commercial and Finance. And it facilitates automation report generation, to ensure relevant data is available in advance of weekly and monthly meetings held throughout the business.

Our digital transformation is well underway, but it will continue to evolve as more business processes are migrated away from paper-based practices.