What to expect

Inevitably, the scale of KLT’s essential multi utilities work and infrastructure maintenance means some disruption to the immediate environment is inevitable. As an example here’s what to expect when our teams arrive on site to commence works on our gas mains replacement contracts for Cadent and SGN:

Ground Excavation

KLT, (in conjunction with utility drawings and visual aids) uses sophisticated locating equipment to scan the ground to identify utility infrastructure assets before using a water-based degradable spray to mark the identified gas and water pipes, electricity and telecommunications cables. The spray’s markings will wear away within a few weeks of KLT leaving a site.

To minimise disruption, before using any of our excavation methods, we use internal cameras to inspect the condition of the gas pipe we intend to work on to pinpoint the location of the gas service pipes which supply domestic, commercial and industrial gas consumers (our customers).

Large excavations, known as connection holes, are an essential part of the project as this is where the flow of gas is interrupted to allow the project work to be commence and where gas is reintroduced once the gas main and services have been replaced with new plastic polyethylene (PE) pipes. These connection holes are usually in the road and will be left open for between 5 to 10 days.

Access to Property

Once the new gas pipes are installed in the ground, KLT will need access to your property to connect your internal pipework to your new gas supply. This will involve a skilled and competent Gas Safe registered internal works engineer to assess the condition of your existing pipes and appliances and, if everything meets the required Gas Safe standards, the engineer will carry out the final connection of the pipes. The engineer will complete this gas utilities work within four hours of the interruption of the supply. Please note; this process applies to domestic property but doesn’t cover multiple occupancy premises, such as flats, maisonettes and workplaces.

Recycling & Reusing Waste

Because we recycle and reuse as much excavated waste as possible, all KLT works use compound shipping containers. These are placed in a designated work space by the Local Authority (LA); please note KLT has no control of the location. We are also legally required to have a self-contained mobile welfare unit.

Completing The Job – Reinstatement

As one of the leading multi utility companies in the South East of England, KLT prides itself on completing work with the minimal amount of disruption in the minimal amount of time. We typically complete our reinstatement within two to three days of the final interruption of gas supply – and in most cases we aim to conduct these works within one day. The final stage of our work is to clear the site of our barrier system, signage and associated equipment, leaving the work area as it was before works began.


Our reinstators and management carry I.D cards for the gas network that they are working on, it is your prerogative to ask to see this, please do not let anyone access your property unless they can show you an in date, relevant I.D card and then call the number on the card to verify the user.


To ensure we consistently offer the best service possible, we rely on your feedback. It’s possible you may be contacted by OFGEM to fill in a survey for gas mains replacement and connections projects for the Cadent and SGN networks. By doing so, you can help us maintain our position as the South East’s leading multi utility contractor.

At any stage of KLT works, if you have any questions or enquiries please do not hesitate to ask the various site personnel as outlined in your advance notification documentation. You can also call our Customer Service team to discuss anything you need help, support or clarification on. Please see our Customer Care page.

“The job has been executed to a very high standard, and considering the scale of the work, with minimal disruption to the residents.”

A. Hutchinson, Woking

“The workmen are always smiling and they have been happy to answer my questions. A credit to your company.”

R. Earland, Wimbledon
“We have found the guys in your gas repair team courteous and helpful.”
Totty, Shepperton

“Your workmen were friendly, thoughtful and extremely tidy whilst carrying out these major works.”

Mrs King, Teddington
“Thanks for making my experience with the gas company such a good one.”
Wood, Kent

“I was so happy with the service I received.”

Sue, Epsom

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